So many vines!

❈ We have finally started making some headway with the vines in our backyard. It’s a nice cool day out and no threat of rain so we went out this morning to tackle the mess.

Chris actually started it in small pieces over the course of this month but we finally had a day off together today and the weather was cooperating. We put in good work today but I faded pretty quickly. I’m not used to using my upper body muscles. I took my loppers and cut branches down so that Chris could put them through the wood chipper. I even used the reciprocating saw which was a first for me! There was a huge dead tree that Chris chopped down and it had termites in it so we gave pieces of the log with termites to Mrs Featherbottom, who really enjoyed her little midday snack, and then burned them.

There is so much more space now that we’ve pretty much got it cleared! We still have to rake out the area and clean out the junk that was underneath but I feel like we did a good job today.

Right behind us was more of vine mountain to contend with so we will be working more on this as we have time. We are hoping to have this done within the month or so so that we can build garden beds and start planting vegetables.

So much more work to do but it’s mostly vines now instead of the combination of trees and vines. These vines bite back though. Some of them have huge thorns on them.

We also chopped down an old Oleander that was doing poorly plus it didn’t look good in the spot it was in.

By the way I do have an Instagram that I am starting to connect the blog through. Some videos that I took on my phone that won’t upload here and that I’m too lazy to figure out how to convert the file for I will be uploading onto my Instagram.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Ouchita Blackberry bush to plant by our gate. We had to rip out a ton of vines there too. It’s doing well and growing. What is funny, though, is that I was looking at Vine Mountain in the opposite corner of where we were working today and there are wild blackberries growing there! Too bad we are tearing that all out so we won’t be able to enjoy those but I thought it was funny.

Spring has me wanting to do so many projects and I want to do more now but I’m exhausted from this morning’s work. I’m going to do laundry and watch tv for the rest of the day. Bye for now. ❈