I guess it’s Spring now….

❈ I have so many blooms popping up on my property. It’s fun to see what comes up because I have no idea what all is here. There are some Snow Drops and Narcissus. Plus some of the Asiatic lilies are already putting on growth. Winter has not set in here in SE Texas. In fact I’m sitting outside right now at 7pm in shorts and a tshirt enjoying the new lights we installed on our covered porch.

We have had these lights since our wedding. I’m so happy with how they turned out! We have another strand of these too that we are going to put on the other side of the house.

Today was yard work day. Chris and I have had colds the last couple weeks and finally we both feel better and well enough to put some work in. We raked leaves, cleaned out the coop, cleaned up the porch, and Chris chipped a bunch of branches that were laying around in the wood chipper. Everything looks a lot neater. I feel like we can move on to other projects now that we got some of the backed up work done.

Chris re-purposed some lattice that we had to tear down to make a compost pile. Right now there isn’t enough green stuff mixed in to offset all the leaves and dead branches but at least its out of the way. That pile was non existent this morning and now it’s piled right up to the top. We didn’t even get a quarter of our leaves in there.

The chickens have finally accepted each other and don’t pick on one another anymore. They are so cute sipping on their water and chatting. It’s like they are in an office taking a break.

They still aren’t laying though. I’m not worried. It’s that time of year when chickens tend not to lay because of the light change. I don’t care enough to put a light out in their coop either. I’ve started mixing in different things in their food. 1/3 Layer Pellets, 1/3 Layer Crumble, 1/3 Sunflower Seed. I also bought some Wheat grain to soak and sprout for them. So far they really love that. My local feed store sells it in 50lbs bags for about $10 so it goes pretty far. I made the mistake of just leaving it in the bag outside though because something chewed a hole into the side.

I’m still trying to figure out how to decorate my porch without spending a ton of money. My friend Jaime and I went thrift shopping yesterday and I tried to find some outdoor furniture with no success. I want to build up some low shelves and boxes to set my plants on to give a bit of dimension to the space.

I hear animals walking around out here and it’s creepy so I’m signing off. Here are more pictures of today to end on a non creepy note ❈

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