❈ …I’m back.

I’ve had an eventful month. There was Thanksgiving and working and I did a little of the yard work I wanted to accomplish.

First, an update of my property. Not much has gone on with it but we have made a tiny bit of progress. I cleaned up around the pond area. It looks so much better! It was a mess under all of the overgrowth! We found a set of wooden stairs that were apparently the old stairs from the porch and lots of wood pieces complete with rusty nails.

We now have our trash pile back. Just need to cut it into bits and put it out with the trash. I also found some bits of treasures (or more junk but it’s usable junk):

The thing with the legs I am going to make into a table. We have a round glass piece that fits perfectly.

I also cleaned out behind our shop. I haven’t taken pictures but just imagine a before shot of tons of vines and briars and then the next shot they are gone but there are some still poking up out of the ground and it looks really messy. Mrs Featherbottom loved it though because while I was working on it there were a bunch of bugs coming out and she had a good snacking session.

Chris and I went hiking one day and now I know where I can collect some moss for my terrariums. I had never been on this trail before and apparently not a lot of people hike in this area. We only saw one other person the whole time. It was definitely swampy and needs some upkeep but we had a great time checking it out. We had to turn around and go back because a bridge was out and I was not wearing the right shoes in case I fell in the water.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. I got to spend time with family and cook some food with the family. I only got one plate of food though! I wish I had taken some decent pictures of our meal but I think I was too hungry.

It’s about to be cold again this week so I bought some plastic sheeting to make a mini greenhouse for my plants. They get too neglected in our extra building. A few didn’t make it. They were too out of sight and I didn’t water them often enough. Oops.

Opal is getting bigger and even feistier. She almost never stops moving and wants to be held all the time. She is really hard to photograph too.

We got a lot more unpacked in our house. I promise one of these days I’m going to photograph all the rooms but I feel like they need to be a bit more put together and then I’ll feel more comfortable with it. For now there are boxes in 2 of the bedrooms (one is going to be our study, the other a guest room) and we need to buy or build some shelves.

Christmas is coming fast and I have only bought a couple of gifts. I have a general idea of what I’m buying everyone but of course I still have to buy them and its only 15 days away. Maybe I should be doing that instead….❈

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