❈ We got 2 new chickens!

Mrs Featherbottom was getting lonely and we wanted some more chickens so we went out and bought 2 young hens. They aren’t laying yet and are a bit skittish but I’m hoping that will change soon. The Ameraucauna is named Anne and the Barred Rock is Lucille 2. (ten points if you can guess the reference).

They are settling in ok. We bought them on Wednesday and the first night I was so nervous for them. We had to put a partition up between them and Mrs Featherbottom so that they can get used to each other. The first morning Anne was over on Mrs Featherbottoms side somehow and had been pecked a little. Nothing too bad. Last night one of them got spooked and made a bunch of noise but when we went out to investigate it seemed like nothing had happened. Anne was just standing in the middle of the run looking at us. Mrs Featherbottom did not seem to keen to have them in her space for the first couple days. She was making so much noise! Today seems to be better and we hope this weekend that we can just let them out all together.

There is an Almond Verbena bush right by my little pond and this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly started eating from it. I ran inside and grabbed the camera and went back out to try to get pictures but I had the wrong lens and it would only zoom so far. No time to get the other lens so I walked around snapping pics while only looking through the camera and almost stepped on Mrs Featherbottom who thought I had treats in my hand. I’m lucky I was far enough away from the pond to not fall in.

Chris and I got a bunch of the trash on our property cleaned up. It’s still really hot outside and there were a bunch of bugs in the piles that gave us the heebie jeebies so we had to stop until we can handle it again. Slowly but surely we are making things nice. Here is what one of the piles the past owner left for us:

This is mostly cleaned up which is exciting. I’m tired of looking at it. We plan on making a gravel driveway up to the shop and eventually have a porte cochere built.

I”m so excited about the new chickens!

I’m going to go check on them now. ❈

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