Oh man…

❈ ….I’ve had a mixed week. Had some trouble at work but also had some good moments. Either way each day I was glad to come home and relax or work on things.

I didn’t do much in the way of working on the house. Mostly I watched tv and did some laundry. Pretty basic life stuff.

My Aunt was still in town so we decided to drive to Spring Texas to check out their Old Town area. I’ve been before but she hadn’t. They have a clock repair shop there that I took my old Cuckoo Clock to so that it can be serviced. The hour hand hadn’t been working and it wasn’t cuckooing. I didn’t realize how expensive it would be. I gave them the go ahead though. I’m starting to really get into unique clocks. I have a few old ones that I need to have repaired that I’ve found in antique stores and thrift stores. I don’t know what it is about them. Maybe it’s the ticking sound? It’s not always about the cuckoo but I like that too.

Anyways, our trip was a lot of fun. We tried on silly hats, talked to some interesting shop owners, and sat in a cute little wine cafe and had a little wine tasting.

We also talked about our family lineages on her dad’s side of the family (my granddad). I never realized how long we have been in Texas. I can’t remember exactly but the earliest birth date she showed me was 1865?? I want to get a DNA test done to see where all my genealogy points to. I bought my dad one of those tests a few years ago and his results showed parts of England, Italy, Northern Africa and Ireland. My mom’s side is a bit more complicated though as it pretty much stops at my grandmother because she was an orphan. I never met my granddad on that side.

This morning was very relaxing. I let Mrs Featherbottom out of her run and she followed me around, stopping every few feet to dig for bugs. But then she stopped at our front door to try to sell us on some pyramid scheme and I had to shoo her away…

I didn’t feel like taking my camera out today but I wanted to show off this jean jacket I bought at the thrift store in town. You can’t see the whole thing but it’s baggy and comfortable and even though it’s still pretty warm out I had to wear it today.

The raccoons are still coming by every night. But I can’t be too mad when they look this cute when playing:

Turn sound on to hear cute growls

There have been cats hanging around too. The orange one in particular seems to like us and he has such a sad face. He won’t let me near him but we’ve put out clean water for him and during the day put food out. I think he belongs to the neighbor. He showed up by the coop and we got some funny footage.

This one worries me because it looks like there is a possum inside the coop? or a rat?? Not sure but we will definitely be repairing whatever hole he came in today.

Look carefully

Ok now I’ll get off of here and actually finish the laundry.

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