There is flooding everywhere!

❈ Tropical Storm Imelda has been pouring tons of rain over the area. I’m luckily in a higher elevated area but there have been some who have been unlucky and had flood waters creep into their homes. Some of these people were affected by Hurricane Harvey two years ago and just got their house back in order. If you want to help, financial donations can be made at or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY to support response efforts in Southeast Texas. Be sure to click the drop down menu to choose to donate towards the disaster relief efforts of Tropical Storm Imelda. I encourage you to also donate to the other efforts on the page as well. Everyone needs help this year. With climate change comes crazier storms and we need to stick together to ride them through.

The water didn’t get high at my house but when I was walking around in the back part of my backyard it did get up to my ankles.

We’ve had minimal damage here. The storms started raging late last night/very early this morning. The thunder woke me up because it was so loud! Several times the lightning seemed to be right next to our house.

This morning I finally fell asleep again around 6am and got up at around 10 am and it was still storming pretty hard. Our Sycamore trees are really tall and I was worried the lightning would get to them but luckily only one branch fell and while it was a pretty big one it wasn’t a significant amount of the tree itself. I’ve also had some already dead trees fall over in the backyard which actually helps me because now I don’t have to take my loppers out there. I was already planning on taking them out.

We have been watching the news all day and there are so many people being rescued and the highways are flooding and just general mayhem out there. I contacted all my family in the area and they are safe. No one was expecting a downpour like this. We knew it was going to rain but it didn’t seem like something we should be evacuating for or preparing for. Everyone was caught off guard.

Mrs Featherbottom’s coop probably needs a barrier on top of the roof to prevent rain. She looks so sad and ragged from being rained on. Her old coop is inside the new coop and is well covered but being a chicken means you do what you want and you don’t always take the appropriate shelter on your own so she has a lot of soaked feathers. I let her out so that she can rummage for some bugs around as I’m sure there are some floating on top of the water. She’s loving it.

So I am stuck at home. We can’t drive anywhere. Chris actually tried to get to work but the highway is shut down. It’s a good day to hunker down and make some popcorn, watch some movies and wait it out. Stay safe out there! ❈

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