It’s raining!!

❈ It has been so hot and miserable lately that I am glad that we have a tropical storm here now. The Houston area has been under a drought for a while now and we desperately needed the rain.

The past week has had it’s ups and downs. Our A/C went out last Friday and we had to replace the compressor. That was a big chunk of our savings but that’s what it’s for right? The new outside unit is so much quieter. Before when it would kick on it would make a loud clunk sound. I had a feeling it was going to go out sooner than later.

I love the sound of rain. On the porch is a perfect spot to sit with some coffee or hot tea and watch the rain come down. It has a tin overhang for that extra sound effect.

The air is cooler and makes me think of fall and winter. I can’t wait til it is cold and I can wear my hats that I crocheted myself and drink a hot tea, watch the mist from my breath float on the air.

I have a lot of plants to bring into the house when the frosts come.

Today is my day off. Chris has today off too. He’s cooking breakfast and we are going to spend the day tidying and drinking coffee. Mostly just staying indoors watching the rain. ❈

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