I should be doing laundry but…

❈ … instead I’m exploring the yard and hanging out with Mrs Featherbottom. Yesterday I found some Magnolia tree cones in the very back of the property and this morning I had an idea. I went out and gathered as many pods as I could find.

I probably could have found more but the mosquitoes were really bad and I didn’t put on any spray. I was being eaten alive!

I decided I wanted to save as many seeds as possible and make something decorative with the empty cones. I have a bunch of glass containers from when I was in a terrarium kick. The seeds I am saving to germinate. I grew a Magnolia about 5 years ago from seed and ended up giving the seedling to one of my sisters for a house warming gift. I’m going to try to do that again for another one of my sisters.

Look how big it is!

I really love growing things from seeds. Especially trees. I actually have a pretty extensive seed collection. Most of the collection is vegetables but I did save some Texas Mountain Laurel seeds that I really need to get out and try to germinate as well. I hope I didn’t wait too long on those as I’m not sure they keep like other seeds.

Here’s what I ended up with for the empty Magnolia cones and a few gathered leaves:

I think it turned out really well! The bowl and the candle stick I bought from some local thrift stores so this whole project cost me roughly $5 including the candle.

It’s a multi-step process to germinate Magnolias. First you soak them in water overnight (which I am currently doing)

Then the next day you scrub off the red skin. The skin kinda smells like cinnamon but not as strong.

After that you place the seeds into a moistened, slightly acidic, well draining soil in a baggy and put it in the fridge for a few months. I think the last time I did it I had them in the fridge for about 6 months. I then placed them in a pot outside and it grew.

Definitely research more into it if you are interested in growing your own but I had success with this process and hope to again.

While I was out exploring I found some dreaded Poison Ivy. It’s only a tiny seedling but I will be going back out and spraying it. It’s a shame because I really do think Poison Ivy is so pretty.

I wish it weren’t so hot out. It was so peaceful wandering around and listening to all the Wrens and Cardinals chirping. I can tell Autumn is coming though. The light seems different. More golden.

We are still unpacking some boxes in the house. I finally found more of my tea sets. I have so many tea pots and cups! Today I drank some Classic “Mi Lan Xiang” Dan Cong Oolong Tea *Spring 2018 from Yunnan Sourcing. The first glass was great but the second brew I had accidentally left it in the water too long because it got a bit bitter but it was still drinkable. This is one of my favorite tea pots.

So far it’s been a good day but I really need to get started on the laundry….❈

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