I’m Not Consistent…

❈…But I’m trying to be better about that. Not much has happened since I last wrote. We got a little more structure built onto the coop (pardon the mess):


It’s taking a while because of work and the heat but it is getting there. Mrs Featherbottom is happy when we come out because we let her roam the yard and eat bugs.

I got our camera out to take better photos but let me tell you straight out that I am no photographer. My husband usually is the one who takes all the photos with the camera when we go on trips so he knows a little more about how to use the settings. I couldn’t even tell you what kind of camera it is. The autofocus seems to work ok.

I walked around the yard a bit with the chicken and I love how much life I see even just inside my yard. There were Cardinals and Wrens flitting about, a couple of bumblebees and even a rabbit was hiding in the vines. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the bunny but I did get a lot of cute pictures of Mrs Featherbottom:

Even more than the animals and insects there are tons of plants in my yard. It’s definitely not one of those manicured gardens. There is interest when there is wildness in your yard. Every time I go out I see something new. Of course I will be taming it a bit as the years go but I would like to keep some of the unruliness. I recently learned the white flowers in my Vine Mountain are a kind of wild Clematis. I also have Japanese Honeysuckle and Elderberry. I know that if you do it right you can make Elderberry edible but it can also make you pretty sick so I won’t be trying to make anything with it unless I can be absolutely sure I won’t be poisoning my husband and I.

Lots of work still ahead of us. Slow and steady wins the race around here but I can tell it won’t be boring and I hope you’ll follow along on our little home adventure. ❈

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