Making Progress

This morning I woke up super refreshed. Chris (my husband) and I woke up early before I went to work so that he could get started on building the new chicken coop. We had 2 chickens when we moved in and had a temporary coop in place for them. It’s been so hot lately (in the upper 90s) that we had putting off making a permanent coop. Well the inevitable happened. One of the chickens was taken from the pen. We think it was a bird of prey. I was devastated. These birds are treated like pets and are spoiled. So Chris got started on the new coop yesterday and this morning was able to dig and put a post in. I can’t wait until it’s finished because we plan on getting chicks this fall.

Yesterday I worked on killing some invasive vines on my land. We have what I like to call a “vine mountain”. I hate the idea of using herbicide but I don’t think I can get away without it. I need to start clearing it because my neighbor wants to replace the fence on that side of the yard and I’m all for someone else paying for a fence. Don’t plant Morning Glories! They take over like you wouldn’t believe and are super invasive. Having said that I do like walking over there in the mornings and looking at their big beautiful blooms. There is a good amount of native plants on my land that I’d like to preserve by cutting the vines around them and maybe moving them if it comes to that. Not only are native plants important because they maintain the native landscape but they also can be an important food source for pollinators, migrating birds, and the environment. They don’t take up as much water and are already adapted to the area making them easy to maintain.

In a couple months we are making a trip to western Texas near the Davis Mountains. I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I don’t remember ever making a trip up that way. Hopefully it will have cooled off a bit as we plan to do some hiking. From looking at pictures online it looks beautiful out there.

I’ll post more as it comes up. Signing off.

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