New Old House

We bought a house in late June and it’s an old one. One of the perks of old houses is that some of the doors need to be slammed closed to make sure it’s shut. My silly cats Mo and Loki decided this was the time to go check out the neighborhood. We came home to Loki sitting on the doorstep glaring outwards like a protective dragon. I’m so glad he didn’t move while I got my phone out to take a picture. Meanwhile Mo went under our block & beam house and wouldn’t come out for another 2 hours! He would just stare at us as we held tuna out and called for him. Jerk. This photo makes me think of fall and the cool weather. I cannot wait because it’s been hovering at 100 degrees for the past couple weeks. Also when it’s cooler I will be able to start working on the landscaping and the raised vegetable gardens. This is why I decided to start this blog, so that I can document the changes we make and the growth of the plants. This is the start of our home ❤

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